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Pool Deck Resurfacing

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Your pool deck was once a beautiful landscape and the envy of the neighborhood. Now, it’s showing its age. Maybe you have a dated design or color scheme or your concrete surface has issues like cracks, sunken areas, discoloration, or a cracked or faded coating. Don’t give up hope thinking you’ll need to pay tens of thousands to replace your eyesore pool deck: we offer affordable solutions to transform your pool space while maintaining your concrete slab.
Concrete pool deck resurfacing is one of the most rewarding home improvement projects you can choose. It delivers dramatic results to give you a gorgeous new pool deck coating or even the look of pavers or wood without the high cost and annoying maintenance you may be expecting. Our Raleigh pool deck resurfacing options range from stamped concrete overlays and acrylic coatings to pavers over concrete and cool deck coatings.
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Raleigh Concrete Resurfacing

Pool Deck Resurfacing Services

Who says a dated concrete pool deck needs to be replaced?

Concrete pool deck resurfacing in Raleigh, NC is a cost-effective way to dramatically transform the look and feel of your pool deck without costly replacement options. Whether your pool deck has a chipping coating, cracks, discoloration, or you’re just tired of the style you have now, we can help. Resurfacing allows us to retain the concrete slab but give it a brand-new surface with a range of techniques and products.

Cool Pool Deck Coating
Hate how your concrete pool deck gets so hot in the summer in burns your bare feet? Let us help! Cool decking for pools gives you a decorative surface that’s significantly cooler because it doesn’t absorb heat like other products and it features a texture with plateaus and valleys to reduce the surface area you touch. Raleigh homeowners love cool pool deck products for fun in the sun without the burning soles!
  • Dozens of colors
  • Slip-resistant surface
  • Fade and chemical resistant
  • Cooler surface for improved comfort
stamped concrete pool deck
Stamped Concrete Pool Deck
Did you know you can get the high-end look of premium materials like brick, pavers, natural stone, or wood without the cost or upkeep? Stamped concrete pool decks are easy to maintain, last as long as regular concrete, and offer a sophisticated new look for your dated pool deck surface. You don’t need to replace your concrete to get new stamped concrete, either. We can apply a thin concrete overlay to your existing concrete. This overlay can then be stained and stamped to give you the realistic appearance, texture, and natural color variances as materials like wood planks and stone.
A stamped concrete pool deck in Raleigh produces results that are so realistic, you may forget you don’t have the real thing! Wood stamped concrete even has “wood knots” and the raised texture of wood grain.
  • Lasts for 25+ years
  • Affordable option delivers dramatic results
  • As easy to care for as regular concrete
  • Huge variety of styles
acrylic pool deck resurfacing
Acrylic Pool Deck Coatings
Want an affordable solution to give your pool deck beautiful new color and improved texture? Acrylic concrete pool deck coatings in Raleigh are one of the most cost-effective solutions to resurface a pool deck. We apply a thin layer of acrylic coating that masks fine lines and repairs to your concrete surface. Acrylic concrete coatings for pool decks come in a huge array of colors and can even be stamped with attractive patterns. They’re also resistant to pool chemicals and UV rays for long-lasting color.
  • Long-lasting style
  • Covers small cracks and patches
  • Range of colors and styles
  • Resists chemicals and fading

Pool Deck Resurfacing Solutions

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Crack Repairs
Are you dealing with unsightly cracks in your pool deck? It’s important to have pool deck crack repair performed as soon as possible because small cracks can quickly become large cracks as water enters, freezes, and expands while introducing chemicals deep into the concrete. In most cases, cracks are merely a cosmetic issue but they can become structural if they are allowed to worsen.
concrete pool deck repair
Pool Deck Repair
Constant exposure to the elements can cause your concrete pool deck to deteriorate over time. If you’re dealing with issues like cracked pool deck coatings, crumbling concrete, heaving of the concrete slab, sunken areas, or cracked pool deck pavers, we can help. We offer affordable and reliable pool deck repair in Raleigh to restore your deck’s integrity and appearance. To mask repairs or patches, we may recommend a concrete resurfacing solution like an acrylic coating afterward.
pavers over concrete pool deck
Pool Deck Pavers
You don’t need to spend tens of thousands to tear out your concrete when you’re ready to invest in a quality paver pool deck. We can install pool deck pavers in Raleigh directly over your concrete slab. As long as your concrete pool deck is structurally sound, you can have the sophisticated beauty of real pavers in your choice of colors and styles, including herringbone, running bond, basket weave, and Ashlar. Because you already have a good foundation on which to lay the pavers, the labor costs can be significantly reduced!

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Ready to give your pool deck years of new life? Our concrete pool deck resurfacing contractors in Raleigh specialize in refinishing aging concrete with reliable solutions. Our dependable pool deck resurfacing options are designed to bring your vision for your poolscape to life with chemical-resistant and fade-resistant color and texture. If you aren’t sure which resurfacing option is right for you, give us a call and we’ll help you better understand your options to decide which system will meet your needs. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation estimate for pool deck resurfacing in Raleigh, North Carolina.