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All You Need To Know About Pool Deck Resurfacing And More!

No matter how well you maintain and treat your concrete pool deck in Raleigh, damage from the harsh elements, UV rays and even age of the concrete is bound to happen. While other contractors in Raleigh will try to convince you that your pool deck needs to be completely replaced, we are here to tell you that they are only trying to make money off of you! We offer our neighbors in Raleigh a much more affordable and faster procedure that can get your deck looking better than new and this procedure is known as pool deck resurfacing.

We offer dozens of different ways and styles that you can customize your pool deck with that the other guys either don’t know how to do or just don’t want to! When you resurface your pool deck, appearance is a large factor in what we can do for you but there is so much more that we can offer with this service. Pool deck resurfacing can make your pool deck more comfortable to walk on and even safer to use and more durable! Are you curious about this service? Down below we have outlined all you need to know about pool deck resurfacing!

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Why You Should Have Your Pool Deck Resurfaced?

What You Should Look For On Your Concrete Pool Deck

Thankfully the signs that your pool deck needs to be resurfaced are fairly easy to spot. We will always urge all of our clients to act with utmost urgency when any of these signs are spotted on your pool decking as even a couple weeks of exposer to the elements and harsh chemicals found in the pool can wreak havoc on your pool deck. Down below are a few of the signs that warrant your pool deck needing to be resurfaced:

Pool Deck Repair
Cracks and gouges are the main source of damage on concrete pool decks and that is because concrete is prone to cracking due to its expansion and contraction with hot and cold weather. Here is why you should have all the cracks and gouges repaired ASAP:
  • Cracks won’t only cause an eyesore but they will also allow water to seep under your concrete and this can cause your concrete unrepairable structural damage
  • Cracks and gouges pose a significant tripping hazard that can lead to bruises or even cases of drowning have occurred
  • Cracks can allow for the material to delaminate from the concrete
Pool Deck Repair Raleigh
Faded Materials
While faded materials may not seem like a big deal, the faded material is usually the paint or a sealer and these materials play a major role for your pool decking. Here is why faded materials should be repaired ASAP:
  • Faded paint or sealer can render your concrete pool deckings defense against heat nonexistent. With your deckings heat reflecting properties gone, your deck can become up to 100 degrees hotter!
  • Faded paint or sealer can also leave your decking defenseless against the harsh chemicals in the pool and this can rapidly deteriorate your deck
  • Faded sealers can also lead to your decking becoming slippery and unsafe
Resurface Pool Deck
Peeling and delamination is a major problem with pool deck across the country and is sometimes not even directly related to the treatment of the pool deck or environment but on how the decking was first installed. Here is what a major problem peeling can cause you and your home.
  • When left unattended, peeling and delamination can cause your entire decking needing to be repaired and that will cost you thousands
  • Delaminated materials can fall into the pool and become sucked into the system. This can cause major damage to the plumbing of your pool
  • Peeling and delaminated materials cause a major eyesore
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Materials Available For Pool Deck Resurfacing

What We Have To Offer
Pavers Over Concrete Pool Deck
Here is why pavers are rapidly becoming one of the most used pool deck materials:
  • Pavers are incredibly durable so heavy usage and harsh chemicals are not going to affect the paver
  • Pavers are easily maintained and can be hosed off to be cleaned
  • In the off chance a paver breaks, there are no costly repairs as a new paver can be slipped in its place
Stamped Concrete Pool Deck
Stamped Concrete
Here is why stamped concrete is becoming so common on pool decking across the country:
  • With stamped concrete, you can mimic the appearance of natural stone, pavers and even rustic wood with ultra-realism
  • Stains can be used to create highs and lows on the stamped concrete pool deck for next level realism
  • You can have the stunning appearance of these objects with the durability of concrete that can last decades!
Concrete Pool Decks
Cool Deck
Cool Deck is one of the most trusted pool deck coating manufacturers for good reason so here are those reasons:
  • Cool deck is the creator of the knockdown texture and has been the number 1 company for this coating since 1970
  • Cool deck can make your deck cooler than any other coating with a 30-degree difference between the next best coating
  • Cool deck is the authority on other coatings like overlays and stains

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