What is pool deck resurfacing?

Pool deck resurfacing is a process where we take your existing concrete and use one of our awards winning micro toppings to make the surface of your pool deck seamless and uniform. During this process, all cracks and gouges are filled and we remove any stains that have made their way onto the concrete pool deck. The process doesn’t stop there, we offer our clients dozens of materials ranging from pavers to stamped concrete overlays so we can create the pool decking of your dreams. Our pool deck resurfacing procedure is both more affordable and even faster than a complete replacement of your concrete pool deck.

I’m Interested in Building a New Pool Deck. What is the Best Base Material to Use?

We believe that there is no one true “best” pool deck material. All of the materials that we offer are the best in their own rights as they all offer amazing benefits that can make any homeowner fall back in love with their backyard. If you are looking for durability and overall strength, our stamped concrete overlays can protect your underlying concrete from damage from daily wear and tear not to mention superior chemical resistance. If you want easy maintenance, our pavers are both durable and easily maintainable due to there chemical and stain resistance. In the off chance a paver becomes broken or damaged, just simply remove the paver and place a new one.0!

Is Pool Deck Resurfacing Worth It?

We believe that our pool deck resurfacing procedure is one of the most worthwhile tasks that you can ever do to your home. From a cost standpoint, pool deck resurfacing is thousands of dollars cheaper than having your concrete torn out replaced. From a time standpoint, resurfacing your concrete pool deck can take less than a week compared to the replacement of your concrete can take up to a month or even longer during bad weather. With pool deck resurfacing, you can achieve the same you would with a complete concrete job with a fraction of the price and time, so yes, we believe that pool deck resurfacing in worth it.

Can you also do pool deck repair?

Pool deck repair is something we pride ourselves on because we want to bring the best possible finishes to our neighbors in Raleigh with the best prices. Our contractors have decades of combined experience dealing with pool deck repair with materials ranging from spray decking all the way to stamped concrete overlays. If you want a repair that will be invisible to the naked eye and that will last your pool decking decades, you don’t need to look any longer! For a free and no obligation quote, give us a call today so we can get the ball rolling on your project ASAP!

How long will it last after being resurfaced?

When it comes to the lifetime of your existing concrete slab, it all depends on how heavily you use the pool and also the type of material that is used for the resurfacing process. Most of our materials offer excellent protection for your concrete slab and will last at least 10 years if the decking is properly maintained. When it comes to our work, we stand behind the work of our dedicated contractors and installers so that is why we offer a 1.5-year warranty for all the work we do on pool decks, so don’t hesitate to give us a call!

Why should I consider pool deck resurfacing?

Many homeowners consider pool deck resurfacing for the simple fact that our process can save you time and money compared to any other process for pool decking. Another reason why so many homeowners love our pool deck resurfacing procedure is due to the fact that they have complete control over the customization and design of their decking with our process. We offer dozens of materials so you can craft your pool decking straight from your imagination. Along with improving the appearance of your decking, concrete deck resurfacing can increase the safety and comfort of your concrete pool deck as well with increased heat resistance and a uniform, seamless surface.

What are the benefits of pool deck resurfacing?

The best part about pool deck resurfacing is the wide range of benefits that you stand to gain from this process. For instance, pool deck resurfacing can make your home safer with improved slip and skid resistance and even protection from the sun burning your feet by making your concrete pool deck cooler. Pool deck resurfacing can even improve the investment you have into your home as it can increase the value of your home by thousands of dollars! With one of our award-winning concrete pool deck coatings, you can even drastically improve the lifetime of your underlying concrete by years! This is vital as all of your pools valuable and fragile plumbing resides under this concrete so it is crucial to keep it protected at all costs.

How long does pool deck resurfacing take?

How long our process is going to take has a lot of moving parts but one thing is certain, pool deck resurfacing in Raleigh is much faster than having your deck replaced. Most of our materials will take less than a week to install depending on the size of your deck and how the weather plays out. Our team of installers and contractors have decades of experience dealing and working with concrete so we know what it takes to get your deck done as fast as possible without cutting corners to save time or money like other contractors in Raleigh.

What type of pool deck resurfacing options are there?

We offer dozens of materials for our clients to choose from. We offer materials ranging from pavers all the way to stamped concrete overlays for our clients in Raleigh. The best part about pool deck resurfacing is that you are going to have total control in how you want your pool deck designed as you can even use more than one material at a time to forge the pool decking of your dreams. For more information about our materials, check out our main website about pool deck resurfacing or even give us a call today to talk to one of our professional pool deck contractors.

Do you provide free estimates?

Yes, we provide free quotes to all of our clients in Raleigh and if you call today, we can get the ball rolling on your project by dispatching one of our contractors to your location ASAP!