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Kool Deck Resurfacing

Most people don’t know how good a Kool Deck feels or how good it looks

A Kool Deck surface provides pool deck owners the opportunity to experience one of a kind materials under their bare feet. Kool Decking creates a very modern design, despite being a creation from the 1960s. Some things to look for when you’re searching for authentic Kool Deck materials are:

  • How does it feel? A true Kool Deck is cool no matter how much sun is beating down on it.
  • You can stamp Kool Deck! It can mimic slate, stone, granite, or wood.
  • Kool Deck surfaces are very durable because they do not crack during the constant freeze-thaw cycle
  • Is not overly glossy and creates an authentic appearance to any material it is supposed to look and feel like

Technologies have advanced dramatically, and Kool Deck designs have progressed with the times, but one thing is for certain, Kool Deck is just as beautiful and just as reliable as it has always been.

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Raleigh, North Carolina

Benefits of Kool Deck

The perks of a Kool Deck are incredible

When you choose to resurface your pool deck and install Kool Deck there are some benefits should be highlighted

Outdoor Concrete resurfacing
Kool Deck concrete coatings are typically known for the beauty and success they bring to a concrete pool deck surface; however, it is also true that Kool Deck toppings can be applied too
  • Walkways
  • Patios
  • Driveways
  • Sidewalks
Kool Deck resurfaced areas are better than any other resurfacing material because it can be applied to more than one area that is also exposed to possible water and chemicals.
cool deck pool
Temperature Regulating
Who doesn’t want a resurfaced Kool Deck to not overheat? Kool Decks can be exposed to sun and heat all day but will still be able to create an enjoyable pool experience for you and your family. Some of the benefits include:
  • Heat reflective properties that keep your pool deck 30% cooler than other materials
  • Highly durable and slip-resistant
  • Keeps children and elderly safe from surface level heat that could cause harm
Resurfacing a Kool Deck brings with it the ability to remodel and rejuvenate your concretes old surface. The restorative properties offered by Kool Deck coatings is one reason why the chemical has had such great success.
  • Kool Deck restore color and vigor back into the old concrete
  • It can repair hairline cracks
  • Eliminates discoloration
  • Requires minimal manual labor to install
Raleigh, North Carolina

Kool Deck Resurfacing Benefits

Resurfacing a pool deck is incredible and here’s why…
cool decking for pools
Pool Deck Durability
Choosing to repair and resurface instead of completely rip out and redo your pool deck creates an incredibly strong surface that can withstand more than any other pool deck coatings.
  • Withstands heavy foot traffic
  • Does not chemically breakdown when exposed to pool water
  • Is equipped to handle salt water pools
  • Will not crack during the freeze-thaw cycle
  • Abrasion-resistant
cool crete pool decking
Better for your feet & slip-resistant
Bare feet can be a tough choice when your concrete pool deck surface is too hot or not smooth enough to enjoy a barefoot walk. Resurfacing your pool deck allows you too
  • Enjoy the summer sun without worrying about burning your foot
  • Not have to wear shoes at your own pool
  • Appreciate a smooth surface
  • Appreciate a smooth surface
  • Non-slip surfaces are safe and satisfying to walk on
  • Keep everyone and yourself safe
cool deck for pools
Affordability & Eco-Friendly
A pool deck is not a cheap investment but maintaining it and having proper installation can make it one of the most affordable home remodeling projects you have ever paid for. Ripping out your entire concrete pool deck is unnecessary and expensive, so don’t do it. A resurfaced pool deck is strong and reliable, but most importantly, a resurfaced Kool Deck is affordable.
  • E$3-$5 per square foot
  • Less manual labor compared to completely ripping out the Kool Deck
  • Less waste, fewer materials, and less overall trash making it a green option
  • Quick installation adds to the resurfaced Kool Decks affordability
  • Raises property value, you will receive more than you paid by almost 15%

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Don’t be fooled

Some decks resemble Kool Deck but fall very short

Be sure to know what you’re looking for when you hire a professional and never attempt a Kool Deck resurface on your own.
Some of the details that should be noted when the pool deck is not Kool Deck are:
  • Anyone using a hopper gun is doing it wrong
  • Paint rollers are not for Kool Decks because it is not a polymer
  • Kool Deck is not the shiny type because it is installed to look as natural as possible
  • Remember, a Kool Deck does not burn your feet