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Are you tired of subpar and unprofessional pool deck contractors trying to blow your project out of perportion just to make more money off of you? Tired of getting less than adequate results from spending your hard earned money? Millions of Americans feel just the same way you do, but thankfully for you, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. No longer will you have to deal with unprofessional installers that just bought their tools yesterday because we are here to help our neighbors in Raleigh with all of your pool deck problems.
We are one of the top pool deck repair companies and pool deck resurfacing companies in the entirety of Raleigh through our award-winning products and our teams decades of combined experience. Want to know more about our values and what we can bring to the table? We have all the information you need and more down below!

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Our Promise To You

What We Stand For

We didn’t become one of the top pool deck companies in Raleigh overnight, it was through the strict set of guidelines that our team of pool deck contractors follow no matter how big or small the job is. We are proud to serve our neighbors in Raleigh so we will never steer you wrong. Here is what you stand to gain from using Concrete Conversions as your pool deck company in Raliegh!

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Fast Installation
  • Our team of pool deck contractors is dedicated to bringing you resurfaced pool deck or repairing your pool deck ASAP
  • Even with time on the line, we will never try to push the limits of our materials or cut corners in order to save time like other pool deck companies in Raleigh
  • No matter what happens, you can rest assured that when you use our services, we are saving you weeks of time compared to tearing out and replacing your concrete
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Quality Materials
Our team of pool deck contractors only uses the top materials on the market no matter how big or small your job is while still supplying you with some of the most affordable rates in Raleigh
  • We use materials such as Kool Deck which has been one of the leading suppliers in pool decking materials since their creation in the late 1970s
  • Our team isn’t done yet! We are always looking into partnerships with trusted decking suppliers to keep your costs lower than ever before!
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Best Service
We offer the best service in Raleigh and its not even close. Here is what you stand to gain from using our team of pool deck contractors
  • We stand behind our work which is why we will back every job we do with a one-year warranty against all wear and tear
  • We treat all of our clients with the utmost respect by always leaving the job site in a cleaner state than when we arrived and masking off all areas that are not associated with the job

Pool Deck Resurfacing

Our Most Popular Service
resurface pool deck
Decorative Overlays
Decorative overlays are one of the most popular forms of pool deck resurfacing that is being used across the United States and here’s what they can do for you:
  • Stamped concrete overlays can be crafted into some finishes that were unheard of in the flooring industry such as natural stone, rustic wood flooring, and even intricate paver patterns
  • With a standard pool deck overlay, you can choose from endless color formats and craft finishes like marbling and burnishing
  • Decorative overlays can last decades with proper maintenance
concrete pool deck resurfacing
Kool Deck
Here is why millions of Americans trust Kool Deck as their pool deck material provider:
  • Kool Deck has been one of the most trusted pool decking suppliers since the early 1970s and is also a pioneer in the pool decking industry
  • Kool Deck was actually the first company to ever use the “knock down” texture that has become one of the most used pool decking coatings in the world
  • Kool Deck offers a wide range of materials for pool decking and other concrete such as stamped concrete, overlays and much more!
pavers over concrete pool deck
Pavers are one of the most durable and highly configurable concrete resurfacing materials used to this date and here’s why:
  • Pavers offer many different configurations with a wide selection of patterns and types of pavers such as brick, stone, and cement
  • Pavers are also very durable as they are resistant to harsh chemicals, UV rays, and even heavy foot traffic
  • In the off chance a paver does break, there is no need to call a professional as replacing a paver is as simple as sliding a new one in its place

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Pool Deck Crack Repair

The Plague Of Concrete Pool Decks

When it comes to concrete pool decks, one thing is always going to be certain no matter the quality of your concrete, how often you use your concrete or even how well you maintain your concrete, it is always going to crack.
As a wise man once said there are two types of concrete, concrete that is cracked and concrete that is going to crack. Here is why you should always act with urgency when your pool deck begins to crack:
  • With pool deck crack repair, you won’t have to worry about cracks allowing water under the concrete and wrecking havoc by sweeping away underlying soils
  • Cracks can also pose to be significant safety hazards as most pool related slips and falls have cracks being in their origins
  • For more information about pool deck crack repair, check out our pool deck resurfacing page or our pool deck repair page!