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Pool Deck Crack Repair

What You Need To Know About Crack Repair

With summer being right around the corner, you want to make sure that your concrete pool deck is ready for action. Sadly, cracks can put a huge damper on all of your summer plans in more ways than one. Not only can cracks be an eyesore, but they can also drastically decrease the safety and lifespan of your concrete pool decking. Where most contractors in Raleigh are going to make you worried by throwing large projects and high bids at you, we are here to say that it isn’t that bad at all! Don’t listen to contractors that are gunning to make a profit, use a contractor that cares about you as we care about all of our neighbors in Raleigh!
If you are looking to save tens of thousands of dollars and weeks of time, we suggest our pool deck crack repair! With this process, we simply fill the crack to restrict its growth and recoat the coating you already have installed, no need to replace anything at all! Are you ready to learn more about our pool deck crack repair and other pool deck services, we have all the information you need and more down below!

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Raleigh, NC

Why You Should Repair Cracks

Benefiting You And Your Concrete

While cracks may not look like they are causing many issues, cracks are the worse possible form of damage on any concrete pool deck. Cracks can significantly decrease the lifespan of your concrete and even produce extremely hazardous safety concerns for you and your family, let alone your concrete itself. Down below you will find a few of the benefits associated with pool deck crack repair that you didn’t know were affected by cracking:

Increase Safety
Possibly the most popular form of epoxy flooring is garage floor epoxy and this is for good reason. Have you ever wondered why so many homes in Raleigh have begun using garage floor epoxy? Here is why the garage floor epoxy is becoming so popular:
  • Cracks can drastically decrease safety on your pool deck so here’s how repairing cracks can increase the safety of your deck:
  • A crack will make all paints and sealers fade much faster by allowing water under the coatings, which will reduce the slip and skid resistance of your decking making it more likely to slip
concrete pool deck repair
Cracking in your pool deck can drastically decrease the lifespan of your concrete pool deck so here’s how pool deck crack repair can help:
  • By filling all cracks, you are making your pool deck waterproof, cracks can allow water under the deck, washing away underlying support leading to structural damage if left unattended too long
  • Not only do we fill your cracks, but our micro toppings can restrict the growth and even make it harder for cracks to appear again
concrete pool deck repair
Pool deck cracks are one of the worst eyesores that you could ever have on your deck and here’s how pool deck crack repair can help:
  • Cracks can drastically decrease the attraction of any pool decking material no matter how high quality the material is. Thankfully, repairs are very simple and won’t take long at all!
  • Our team of pool deck contractors have decades of experience repairing pool decking, so when we are done, it will be like the crack was never there!
Raleigh, NC

What To Look For

Everything Else That Can Cause Problems
pool deck repairs
Gouges are one of the most common forms of damage right behind cracks, so here’s why you should act immediately when gouges appear:
  • Just like cracks, gouges serve as an entry point for moisture to enter your concrete and under other coatings resulting in peeling
  • Gouges are also an easy way to fail a premarket inspection when you are planning to sell your home
  • Gouges can even drastically decrease the value of your home
swimming pool deck repair
While an uncommon occurrence peeling can make your pool deck much less safe so here is what we do to save the rest of your pool deck and why you need them repaired asap:
  • Peeling coatings can remove your entire pool deck slabs coating resulting in a much more costly process than repairing the peeling coating in its beginning stages
  • To repair peeling, we scrape back the coating until we reach a stable zone and use an acrylic bonder before replacing the peeled up section
pool decking repair
Fading coatings are one of the forms of damage that don’t get enough attention so here is why faded paints and sealers should be repaired immediately:
  • When using paints and sealers, they serve as the main form of traction and slip and skid resistance in most cases so your deck is a safety hazard with a faded sealer
  • Along with slip and skid resistance, your paint is one of the main reasons your pool deck stays cool in the summer

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Pool Deck Resurfacing

The Affordable Option

Sadly, not all forms of damage can be taken care of with a simple pool deck crack repair but don’t worry, we don’t mean that you need to replace your concrete! We mean that sometimes your concrete will need to be resurfaced and this process is still able to save you thousands of dollars compared to replacing your concrete slab. Here is what you stand to gain from using pool deck resurfacing:
With pool deck resurfacing, you have the customization of your concrete pool deck at your fingertips with the only limits being that of your own imagination
We offer a wide range of materials that can be used for this process ranging from pavers to decorative overlays
Resurfaced concrete pool decks have been known to last decades after being resurfaced with proper maintenance
For more information about pool deck resurfacing, take a look at our pool deck resurfacing page!