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Pool Deck Repair Companies

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If you’re in search of a concrete pool deck repair company near you, you’re in luck! Here at Concrete Conversions, we specialize in all things concrete, including repairs and pool deck resurfacing. Ignoring possible pool deck issues never turns out well for anyone, why? Because when it comes to exposed concrete, continuous exposure without proper care will make the surfaces issues worse. Seek a professional if your pool deck surface:

  • Appears dull
  • Has sunken spots
  • Cracks are spreading and thickening
  • Discoloration becomes worse
  • The surface feels rough

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Raleigh, North Carolina

Pool Deck Repairs

What kind of repairs do we do?

We know that every pool deck surface is not identical, and we want you to know that it is okay! We will serve a variety of different issues.

Pool Deck Repair
Improperly laid concrete or constant expansion and contraction can be two causes of cracking pool decks, however, it is nearly impossible to truly pin down the crack culprit. The best action you can take in limiting the number of cracks that occur on your pool deck is fixing them as they occur. Never leave cracks to fend for themselves because
  • Spiderweb cracks can continue to spread
  • Cracks that continue to grow can be a safety hazard
  • Cracks allow weeds to grow up and through creating a very unattractive landscape
  • Long-term cracks will cause structural issues for your pool and pool deck leading to very expensive repairs
Pool Deck Resurfacing
When it truly is time for a new design or there are bigger issues that cannot be ignored, resurfacing your pool deck with a pool deck repair company is the best option. For people who want to stick to a budget, it is important to remember that you do not need to completely rip out a concrete deck. Resurfacing creates a surface that is:
  • Completely new
  • Unique and can mimic wood, tile, or stone
  • Safe with anti-slip and UV-ray-resistant qualities
  • Smooth
  • Eco-friendly by utilizing the existing concrete and simply, through professional techniques, enhancing the surface
concrete pool deck
This happens in colder climates and during winter months, where the freeze-thaw cycle is unavoidable, and your concrete takes the brunt of the cold. When water seeps into your concrete’s pores and freezes, which causes it to expand, then melts, which causes a contraction, the concrete begins to spall.
Spalling creates
  • Crater-like dips in your concrete
  • Can become worse the longer it is unattended
  • Creates an uncomfortable environment for pool decks
  • Chemicals and home remedies can worsen the look and feel of spalled concrete
Raleigh, North Carolina

Pool Deck Surfaces

What type of surfaces do we service?
acrylic pool deck resurfacing
Acrylic Pool Deck
One of the surfaces we will repair is an acrylic pool deck surface! These surfaces are quickly repaired when done by a pool deck repair company. Typically, acrylic pool decks are:
  • Nonporous
  • Easily cleaned
  • Slip-resistant
  • Available in many different styles
  • Uninhabitable by mold and mildew
  • Waterproof sealed
resurfacing concrete pool deck
Kool Deck Pool Deck
This is a topping applied over a stronger concrete base that creates a temperature regulating surface. Aside from its insane durability and stain-resistance, Kool Decks can be easily repaired. It is highly unlikely that when your Kool deck begins to show signs of wear and tear that you will need to completely replace your pool deck. Repairs typically are:
  • Applying a coating to the area that is in need
  • Texture or stamp the area that requires some change
  • Cracks and fractures can be filled
  • Resurfacing is a great final solution
Concrete Pool Deck Sealing
When a pool deck repair company changes the composition of your pool deck due to a repair that was needed it is always important and in fact, it is crucial to seal off the concrete. Any portion of your pool deck concrete that is left exposed will damage quickly and will once again require a repair or complete replacement. If your sealed concrete needs a repair, give us a call. Sealing helps pool deck concrete:
  • Resist water damage
  • Increase property value
  • Beautify your landscape
  • Create a safe environment
  • Last for decades

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Pool Deck Repair Company

Don’t trust just anyone with your pool deck surface

When you allow a professional pool deck repair company to inspect your surface, many expensive issues can be taken care of at affordable prices and quickly. DIY projects with pool deck surfaces are highly advised against if you want to save money. We offer warranty and guaranteed satisfaction with our final products.
Here at Concrete Conversions, we know how important it is to take care of any damages quickly before they spread and become more serious. Don’t want, give us a call right now for a free quote.