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Pool Deck Restoration

How We Can Get Your Pool Deck Into Tip Top Shape

It doesn’t matter how well you take care of your pool deck, how new your pool deck is or even how often you use the concrete pool deck, the reality is that no matter what is it will eventually need to be restored. The pool deck is constantly exposed to the harsh elements from the outside and even from the harsh chemicals that you use to clean your pool. Where some contractors in Raleigh will overexaggerate what your pool deck needs such as tearing out and replacing your concrete, it really isn’t that big of a deal! .
If your pool deck has minor damage to moderate damage, we can provide the service of pool deck restoration from pool deck resurfacing or even pool deck repair depending on the extent of the damage. With our pool deck restoration procedure we can save you tens of thousands of dollars and even weeks of time which is critical as summer is right around the corner. Ready to learn how our team of professional pool deck contractors can restore your pool deck? We have all the information you need and more down below!

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Materials Used For Pool Deck Resurfacing

The Affordable Way To Restore Your Pool Deck

Tired of getting estimates in the tens of thousands to replace your concrete pool deck in its shambled state? With pool deck resurfacing, not only will your concrete be repaired, you will have full control over the customization of your pool deck with the help from our team of professional pool deck contractors. Down below you will find the most popular materials used on our micro toppings for the process of pool deck resurfacing:

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Kool Deck
Heres what you need to know about the pool deck coating known as Kool Deck:
  • Kool Deck was one of the first companies to ever produce the “knock down” texture that is used on over 50 percent of all pool decks in America
  • Kool Deck also serves as a manufacturer of many different coatings such as stains and concrete overlays that have been tested and proven in the field to succeed
  • Kool Deck stands behind their coatings and offers a limited warranty with all material related incidents
pavers over concrete pool deck
Pavers over concrete pool deck are one of the most used pool deck restoration materials on the market as they offer benefits like:
  • Pavers are incredibly durable as they offer protection against UV rays, harsh chemicals, and heavy foot traffic
  • In the off chance, a paver does break repair is simple and affordable as you slide a new paver in the place of the broken paver
  • Maintenance on pavers is also simple as you can use your garden hose to wash them off
stamped concrete pool deck
Decorative Overlays
Decorative concrete overlays are becoming one of the most popular pool deck coatings and here’s why:
  • With a stamped concrete overlay, you can craft finishes such as rustic wood flooring, natural stone, and even intricate paver patterns
  • With a standard artistic overlay, we offer a wide range of base colors and advanced techniques to make the overlay look burnished of like marble
  • Stamped concrete overlays are able to provide these jaw-dropping finishes while still offering the durability and decade long lifespan of concrete

Pool Deck Repair

We Know What It Takes To Restore Your Pool Deck
Pool Deck Crack Repair
The most common form of pool deck damage is through cracks so here is what pool deck crack repair can do for you
  • Pool deck crack repair has the ability to eliminate cracks through a micro topping filling that limits how much the crack can move, almost eliminating the chance it ever returns
  • Cracks also allow for water to sweep under your concrete, possibly causing structural damage if left unattended
  • Cracks also serve as a major tripping hazard and account for 30 percent of pool related accidents
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Peeling Coatings
Even though peeling coatings are an uncommon occurrence in concrete pool decks that have been properly maintained, here’s what you should look out for:
  • Peeling coatings can remove entire sections of your pool deck away in weeks if left unattended, so make sure to treat your peeling coatings with great urgency
  • When coatings peel up, you are losing sections of your pool deck that provide slip and skid resistance as well as heat defection, rendering your deck useless
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Right behind cracks, gouges are one of the most common forms of damage on concrete pool decks, so here’s why you should act ASAP
  • Gouges act just like cracks in many ways but allowing water to enter the underlying concrete and under your pool decks coatings is the most prominent
  • Gouges are such a safety hazard that many inspectors will fail homes with gouges on their concrete pool deck
  • Gouges have been known to drastically decrease the value of any home they are found on

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